Welcome to the IRC

Your source for faith resources

The Interfaith Resource Center is a Theological Lending Library offering support to faith communities. Member congregations pay a small yearly fee for many benefits, including:

  • Approximately 10,000 resources (DVDs, CD’s, curricula, and books) on a wide range of topics. Our large reference section includes William Hawley Clark Ecumenical Library. See our on-line Card Catalog .
  • All resources available at no additional charge.
  • Handicapped accessible.
  • Professional consultations and program coordinators to aid lay and clergy in program planning.
  • Dependable resource delivery – USPS (UPS delivery at additional charge).
  • Resource displays at conventions, meetings and workshops.
  • Quiet space for clergy to come and spend a day in study or reflection.

The Interfaith Resource Center strives to encourage and equip faith communities in Delaware and on Maryland’s Eastern Shore by providing support and resources, so that all may study the scriptures, share the faith, serve others, promote interfaith understanding and praise God.

Founded in 1968, the Interfaith Resource Center is a multimedia hub dedicated to providing ministry support to regional faith communities. Our collection includes over 7000 resources for all ages, over a third of which are audiovisual resources. For members who are unable to visit in person, we offer an on-line catalog with reservations made by e-mail or phone and mailing via US Postal Service. Our staff is available to assist you weekdays: Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Summer hours (June-August): Tuesday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.