A few samples of Biblical Studies offered at IRC

Everyone’s Matthew by NT Wright

Theological Dictionary of the New Testament in 10 volumes

Faith Lessons  in 12 volumes with DVD and guide book by Ray VanderLaan

Unveiling Mary Magdalen   DVD and guide book by Liz Curtis Higgs






A few samples of Interfaith Titles offered at IRC

No Denying ,  DVD, by Steve Gonzer

Six part DVD  on Islam in America

Mystics and Zen Masters by Thomas Merton

Sacred Journeys , DVD, by Bruce Feiler

Practical Interfaith, by Steve Greenbaum




A few samples of books on Spirituality offered at IRC

Prayer, book with DVD and leader’s guide by Philip Yancey

The Life You Always Wanted , Book with DVD and leader’s guide by John Ortberg

98 Volumes of the Classics on Western Spirituality (hardback)

Seasonal Meditation books and videos






A few samples of resources regarding Social Concerns offered at IRC

Truth About Drugs, DVD and guide

There’s a Teenager in My House, 101 Questions by Wayne Rice

Difficult Conversations by Katie Day

Love is an Orientation , DVD by Andrew Marin

Bless the Earth: Hope for Humanity, DVD with guide by Matthew Sleeth




A few samples of resources for Sunday School curriculum offered at IRC

Echo: The Story, session 1-36, high school, Sparkhouse DVDs with guides

Greatest Heros and Legends of the Bible, DVDs for children

Connect: Units 1-7, Grades 4 and 5 Sparkhouse, DVD with guide

Godly Play: Volumes 1-5, and Fall, Winter, Spring DVDs






A few samples of worship resources offered at IRC

The History of Christian Worship, in 6,  one hour long DVDs

Twenty Centuries of Christian Worship, volumes 2 and 3

Uncommon Prayer, by Shane Claiborne

Worship by Evelyn Underhill

Prayer Books and Hymnals from several denominations